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This is probably the most unique and desirable feature of our website where according to the user queries and sometimes on something shocking event or performance of a movie we share the most bold analysis on Actors, Directors, Producers and whosoever it maybe. Read for fun but with accurate assumptions.

TOP 10 ACTORS according to Box Office Pull as of Dec 2017:

1. Aamir Khan ( Trust Factor, Choice of Script, Smart Promotional Strategy, Sells his product as it is, does  not over hype his movies)

2. Salman Khan (Style, Loud Promotions, Huge Buzz, Superhit Massy Songs, Crazy Dance Steps, Strong weekend )

3. AKshay Kumar ( Arguable with SRK but assures minimum guarantee and increased trust factor since past 5-6 movies)

4. Ajay Devgn ( Again arguable but assures minimum guarantee amount even with failed scripts, even AJ collected 60 crores, Baadshaho 70 cr)

5. Shah Rukh Khan ( On a decline, failure to touch 100 cr twice in 2 years from big production houses and a big director was a shocker, even successful movies failing to touch 150 cr since past 2 years with high budgets involved. Dwarf movie is Make or Break kind of scenario)

6. Ranveer SIngh ( Again many would argue but thats what makes us bold. People like his antics in movies, his innocence is loved by all. Coonected with masses. Interesting line up of films and definitely a great actor).

7. Varun Dhawan ( Normal Acting skills but good choice of movies suiting his style. Has limitations but is concentrating on his strengths only now with occasional experimentation in form of Badlapur and upcoming thriller October. If October works, will shoot up rapidly)

8. Ranbir Kapoor (Sad Tale of over analyzing himsellf. Trusted directors more than the scripts and failed. Still doing the same mistake. Needs to do few normal movies rather than being a sorrow figure in every movie. Bramhastra may be his shot up in the rankings.)

9. Arjun Kapoor (Hard working actor with average looks. 2 States was his game changer. DId well in his debut movie Ki & Ka, and  Mubarakan. Doing decently to at least assure 50 crore plus in most of his movies. Decent line up but tough to challenge Ranveer, varun n Ranbir .

10. Shahid Kapoor ( Spent almost 15 years in industry now but still no script sense follows up every hit of his with failures to loose audience trust over & over again.  Doing side character now in Padmavati. Still to give even a 80 cr movie when all other new comers have given 100 cr movies . Needs a couple of 100 crore grossers in solo roles.